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Dear visitor, is a new web market, where sellers and buyers of companies or other business entities meet. In addition, the portal helps find partners, investors, financers, consultants, people offering franchises etc.

Such public company or business entity sales advertising is innovative in Estonia and may bring about opinions that companies are sold only when a company is not doing well. This is not correct, quite on the contrary, because companies are usually "whipped into shape" before the sale. In addition, such transactions have many other reasons. Sale, purchase or a merger of a company or a certain part of it may be necessary to maintain the company's going concern and offers benefits to both parties. If you still think a public company sales advertisement is too delicate for you and may damage your company's reputation, you also have a possibility to advertise anonymously.

Instead of notifying a small circle of acquaintances about the wish to sell, you can advertise in this portal and be confident that your sales wish will not only reach intermediaries, but also those directly interested in your business activities and willing to pay a better price.

PS! You can also add your advertisement in English.